We are specialized in the development of manufacturing solutions and production processes for exotic and unusual materials including a wide range of exotic and novel materials such as Cobalt Chrome, Titanium, Tantalum, Porous Metals, UHMWPE, PEEK, Stainless Steels, ceramic coatings, machining of plastics and foam rubber parts, close tolerance grinding and polishing of metals and ceramics. We have also implemented a proprietary test facility for customer’s materials and products.

Our projects include:

  • Prototypes: custom hip components (cups, hips & inserts), custom knee components, tibial tray,  tibial PE inserts, femoral components & patella implants   
  • Production of components
  • Test samples:  for developing new implants and materials
  • Plastic machining:  hip inserts, tibial tray inserts, Peek components to replace metal implants
  • Test machines & fixtures (surgical instruments)
  • Electrical parts
  • Military parts
  • Aircraft parts

Below is a gallery of samples.