Harry and Julie BenediktIn the spirit of modern entrepreneurs on a mission, Harry Benedikt started the business from his two-car garage in the mid 1990’s. Although the facilities have grown and the range of services has expanded, Precise Components & Tool and Design, Inc. is still a family-owned company.

The owner/operators are Harry and Julie Benedikt, a husband-and-wife team, whose amicable, energetic team effort has guided the company as it has grown from a modest 1,400-square-foot shop space, to their current modern, cutting-edge facility of 13,600 square feet, constantly acquiring more state-of-the art equipment along the way.

Harry, with a Master’s Degree in Biomedical engineering, is a highly skilled machinist with a total of 32 years in the field of machine shop manufacturing, and extensive experience in orthopedic product development.

Virtually from the beginning, he became recognized in the medical industry for his extraordinary ability in process engineering, and the high quality prototype products that he manufactured.

He has also become widely known for working closely with customers and giving his close, personal attention to their demanding requirements and specifications.

Julie is a certified ISO 13485 Lead Auditor. She is the company’s ISO administration representative and oversees the requirements of ISO standards and procedures. She has 34 years of experience in executive administration at a senior corporate management level. She graduated from West Bridgeford College, Nottingham, UK, with a Business Admin Diploma. Her diverse roles at Precise Components range from HR office administration, finance to accounting and maintenance of the facility.

The company is supported by a dedicated staff of skilled machinists, highly experienced toolmakers and technicians: 4 engineers – totaling over 90 years of experience in medical device manufacturing, 2 certified CNC programmers and 2 tool makers.  Ongoing training programs are provided for all staff.